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I have an exposed rear stake pocket but where I presume my front stake pocket would be is covered by my plastic bed rail cap. There appears to be some slight etched outline of where the stake pocket might be in the plastic. I need access to both stake pockets to mount a folding tonneau and I'm wondering what others have done to get access to the front stake pocket?

The instructions just say to cut away at the the plastic covering the hole. It looks to thick for the box cutter the instructions suggest and I have a habit of using the wrong tool and making a mess of things. I don't want to screw up the bed rail caps or scratch the paint. I was thinking drill then dremmel cutter....anyone else try this?

I'm contemplating removing the bed rail caps before doing the cut but I'm not sure how they are attached and would hate to try plying it up and finding out its glued or breaking some clips or something. Anyone know how the caps are attached to he truck? The front of the caps by the cab can be lifted up slightly but I can't tell what's holding them on.

Advice please!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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