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Fuel Filter Problem

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Had the check engine light come on so took my 2014 eco diesel in and was told there was a fuel restriction.
This is what was found in the fuel filter/water separater. Looks like fiberglass fibers. The filter is a Duralast ff238dl approx. 3 months old.
Has anyone seen this issue before? The filter doesn't look like it is made of these fibers. Other than someone messing with my fuel tank, where can these fibers come from.
Potentially looking as a major repair.
Any input/ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Have to agree on the aftermarket filter assessment, there is questionable quality issues with them, this fuel system is too expensive to not go OEM. I seen some pretty bad products on ebay as well.
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I see that Autozone branded filter fell apart so strange, in my younger days I used to think I couldn't afford to spend more on OEM or better quality parts, as the years have passed I've learned I can't afford not to spend more.

Glad it didn't cause any additional damage (y)
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