I've been super busy, but parted ways with my Ecodiesel for a Cummins several months back. Need money to keep the Cummins fed with fuel prices, so time to unload all of my spare parts for the Ecodiesel. Local pickup is welcome if your anywhere near Kathleen/Warner Robins, GA

I've got a listing for various parts, but I felt this warranted a separate listing. I purchased this second-hand so I do not have any paperwork. However, if you look at my history I know how to tell what I have and will be happy to provide an semi-technical explanation with a solid offer. If you don't trust me, then don't make an offer.

GDE Stage 2 Tune
Turbo brake and oil pressure upgrade options (Confirm solution to revert to stock oil pressure sensor if desired)
3.55 Axle
Free shipping + VIN/Injector updates
PM Offers by 8:00 AM EST March 15th

This is the GDE Stage 2 tune. (No GDE never referred to it as Stage 2, but it's the safe-ish way to describe these things nowadays) 3.55 axle ratio. It has the turbo brake and oil pressure sensor option. I do not have a kit, however, I figured out how to update the file to work with the stock setup and tested it on my truck. Just let me know if you want the upgrade oil pressure sensor or not. If you don't have the GDE oil pressure sensor kit your truck WILL read low oil pressure unless you allow me to fix it. It came from a 2015, but since all the troublesome bits aren't there anymore it should work in any 2nd gen ecodiesel. I tested it in my (sold) 2017 without issue.

If you don't know what stage 2 tuning means, research before offering. Yes, you need to modify your exhaust. No, you don't have to physically alter the EGR, but you can if you want too.

I hate to "auction" this off, but given that HD Supply is lights out I have no idea what it's worth at this point. I haven't figured out how I'm going to do this exactly, but PM me your best offer by 8:00 AM EST March 15th and I'll see if it makes sense to make another round of bids. If you are new to the ecodiesel world, these are very rare and effectively the gold standard of tuning so I suspect offers will be $800 plus.

And I'm sorry, but if you don't have a reasonable posting history on the forums, I will not accept your offer. Free shipping and VIN and injector updates for your truck included. It will be plug and play when it arrives.