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That was my impression of the south on that 2019 journey we took, just too many people. After 44 years of living in Alaska, it was an eye opener. When we go camping up here, there is usually hardly anyone about, but it's something you never think about until you go somewhere else. I still have mixed feelings about leaving, but the winters are getting a bit tough on us. We're at that age, that if we don't do this now, we might end up stuck here from some unforeseen medical condition. We've had our share of "medical conditions" the last five years, joint replacements/repairs, cancer, back surgeries, and other stuff on that list. I just had a full cardiac and bodily "tune up" at the shop, my cataracts are fixed, I'm solid and good to go at near 67. My wife is all fixed up too and good to travel.

We are not sure where we'll settle down at. Most likely in the Pacific Northwest area. But those are details to worry about later. There is enough to deal with just getting out. I bought a 6x10 cargo trailer the other day for our keeps. I'll barge that down, no way I'm driving back up for that.

I was at the dentist Friday, the hygienists Grandma is a real estate agent. I guess people are tripping over themselves to buy houses, bidding them up to insane prices. And fast sales, homes are selling in days. This same gal also owns a duplex rental, she needed new tenants, she said it took only a couple of hours to find new tenants, she had "hundreds of texts" in response. I was looking at the "sold" homes on Zillow, whoa, the number of sold homes are eyebrow raising. Crazy, but good for us, real good. We're talking at the least an extra 100k from 2 years ago, when we had to pull the plug on selling due to the pandemic.

Her last words on the subject was; "People are desperate for homes".
Left the Pacific Northwest last year and moved to Eastern Wyoming. I wouldn't recommend Washington or Oregon to my worst enemy.
Lived there for 12 years, it's very blue now.
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