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I Found The Fix For The Poor Ram Driving Lights

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I found the fix for the absolutely poor driving lights on these trucks. I just could not believe that was the best lighting they could give us. I saw these KC Hilites in the 4 wheel parts store and thought they might work. I removed the tow hooks and installed the lights in those slots. You just need to drill one hole in each slot and hook up the wiring which goes straight to the battery and install the lighted switch under the dash. Now I must add that these lights are pretty expensive ($400) but they work great. You have to come to the realization of do you want/need tow hooks or would you like to see where hell you're going.





KC HiLiTES | Flex Single LED Lights for Spread Beam for Motorcycle, UTV, ATV and Offroad Vehicles
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55 watts is crazy? Not if they are of good quality. My experience is that 55 watt HID lights in projectors is the way to go. Very bright but controlled so you don’t blind oncoming drivers. There is NO issue with start up time because they are at full brightness before you get the truck in gear.
But John...rural is for high beams! ;)
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