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I flew through Detroit again this week on business.

And what did I spy?

A CRAP TON of RAMs just waiting to be shipped to knew owners! I mean literally hundreds of the things just outside the airport in Detroit. When you fly in, you come in over some rail yards and holding lots. About 2 miles from the airport is a large lot, surrounded by trees, about a half mile from the rail yard...and it's LOADED with RAMs today. :)

Coming in to land and passing overhead at about 200 feet at 200 mph left little time to look at badges to see which where Hemis and EcoDiesels, but there had to be a mix with so many trucks on hand.

Rail yard was a flurry of activity. I saw at least 5 trucks actively being loaded onto rail cars with a couple hundred on hand at the yard ready for dispatch.

Looks like they are flat out shipping our rigs. :)
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