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I just wrote an email to the the Honorable Edward Chen telling him how bad the AEM recall screws owners of ecodiesel trucks (he is the judge overseeing this whole debacle).

If you feel the same way I would encourage you to write to him, he needs to hear from consumers on this, we're the ones left holding the bag. The $3,075 is a joke, and that's what I told him. The AEM basically ruins the truck that we purchased. It makes them less fuel efficient, less powerful, and dangerous to drive. And, the trade-in values on the ecodiesels are suffering because people are unloading them onto the used market, and dealers don't want them because of the AEM stigma.

His media clerk is: [email protected]

I asked him to demand FCA make a new ECU tune that doesn't harm us, the consumer, I hope many of you will do the same.

More contact info on his office can be found here: https://www.cand.uscourts.gov/emc
Here is the letter I sent to the Honorable Edward M. Chen of the San Francisco District Court via Lynn Fuller:

San Francisco Courthouse
Courtroom 5 – 17th Floor
450 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

To the Honorable District Judge Edward M. Chen:

Subject: FCA Chrysler EcoDiesel AEM (A08/A11) “upgrade”

Your Honor,

As you have probably been made aware from numerous EcoDiesel owners, there is a glaring and dangerous problem that exists with the AEM update on virtually all of the trucks included in this recall. The least of which pertaining to the slight decrease in mileage. Others in several RAM EcoDiesel online forums have claimed a lack of power that seems to vary from truck to truck. These are mild to moderate annoyances for most of us. However, the most dangerous feature the AEM has caused, is an approximate 2.8 second delay that occurs from the moment the accelerator is depressed (no matter if it is 5% depressed, or to the floor) before the engine responds to what it should be doing immediately upon pedal depression. You can well understand the danger this presents when attempting to pull into traffic at an accelerated rate you are familiar with so as to not be hit in the rear by oncoming traffic. With this “upgrade” it is not safe to execute this common maneuver in these trucks; of which you can read of in the RAM1500Diesel online forum.

This only seems to be an issue when the vehicle is first started and will remain until the vehicle reaches full operating temperature. That said, it has been my experience that even at normal operating temperature, with outdoor ambient temperature at a moderate 50 to 70 degrees F, my truck will exhibit this same programmed anomaly if the truck sits not running for even 15 minutes or more.

While I would prefer the slightly higher mileage of the pre AEM programmed truck, if it means the exhaust is cleaner for it, then that is acceptable. What is NOT acceptable however is permitting an automotive giant like FCA Chrysler to distribute an inferior mileage reducing program at best and at worst, a program that is not only dangerous, but now has resulted in a “red-herring” scenario (if you will) of a vehicle that every auto dealer (new & used) knows has problems that make the vehicle less than desirable to take in on trade. If a dealer does accept it, I can be assured I will receive far less than fair market price for my truck. As I see it, there are two viable options in which FCA Chrysler need to be held accountable.

  • Re-engineer a new program that addresses the acceleration problem returning the pre AEM drivability of the vehicles while maintaining the extended warranty.
  • Offer a buy-back program fully refunding the total purchase price (including all taxes) for affected vehicles.
I trust this letter will make it to your office for review. I appreciate your efforts in past verdicts pertaining to FCA and the EcoDiesel settlement.

It is also my hope that you will see to it that they are held accountable for more than an award settlement and extended warranty. FCA Chrysler needs to make good on assuring owners who trusted them for a good product to perform the way it was advertised and sold. On a side note here; it is clearly stated in the AEM software upgrade that this would not alter the vehicle’s performance, mileage or drivability in any way. Clearly this was a lie.


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DF - Would you post where these hassle free fixes are located? I'm very eager to see exactly what you mean. Don't you think if it were that easy - all of us would know about it?

Same forum, different post, another user claimed the same thing. I too ask for proof... Nothing was provided.

I understand the purpose of the settlement check. However, after the updates, I do not have the same truck. My truck never had any turbo lag... Worse yet, I've gone from 26+ mpg down to 18-19 mpg. Just like the false auto air bags, Volkswagen, and now Dodge/Ram - they all lied. Volkswagen was the worse, getting away with so much fabrication and miss truths.

Ram can keep the money - just give me the truck that I bought. Or, offer to buy my truck at a great rate, rather than trying to satisfy us with pennies.
Go to the search feature and type "tunes". Tunes will fix your truck simply and hassle free. Your truck will love you for it. If you are opposed to tunes there is also a device called "Pedal Commander" that is simple and easy to install. Pedal Commander will restore and improve throttle response.

If you are unwilling to use a tune or Pedal Commander, then you have a classic case of "buyers remorse". I know of no fix for buyers remorse other than to sell or trade your truck for something else. Not as simple, but problem solved none the less.

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If you don't like the truck, then sell it or trade it. Sure, you will take a $$ hit, but do it once, move on and be happy.

Highly doubt that writing a letter to a judge is going to amount to anything, but if it makes you feel better, have at it.

As DieselFever pointed out, there are tunes available, although they would most likely have to be purchased from a source outside of the US, now that the EPA has shut most of our tuners down.
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