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Last night at the inaugural Daytona TT race, that very same Indian bike I pictured, won.

Jared Mees took first and Bryan Smith got second on those same Indians. The third Indian factory rider (Brad Baker) got "T" boned in the back early in the program. He went to the hospital on a stretcher and I do not know of his fate just yet.

What also was interesting is that Harley started running a new model with Davis Fisher last year. This year, in opposition to the Indian, Fischer's, Coolbeth's and Robinson's Harley ALL broke down. Only the Harley of Jake Johnson finished the race and ran well.

Buy stock in Polaris. They make and market the new Indian. You can actually buy the race version for $50,000. This could be the start of the "Indian Wrecking Crew" wrecking some Harley sales.

"You can't wear out an Indian Scout".

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