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ISO 2016 Limited Parts(S&B Intake, wheels, paintable bumpers, black head/tail lights)

Hey everyone, as the name suggests I am looking from some parts. Mainly a dry S&B intake from anyone who didn't like how loud it was, front and rear bumpers I can paint since mine are chrome, bonus points if they are black, and any aftermarket matte black or bronze 20 in wheels. I have the factory air ride suspension and was planning on keeping stock tire size I just wanted a different color wheel.

Oh and lastly, the OEM projector headlights with the black backing and the tail lights without that white ring around it.

Loving my 16 Longhorn Limited. It's great. Averaging about 28 MPG right now.

If anyone has any tips on their favorite fuel injector additive let me know, I usually run a bottle of Techron every 2k miles so 3 fill ups.
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