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"Ram 1500 diesel still coming" article at allpar.com explains the wait:

The delays, according to one source, stem largely from emissions controls; while the actual percentages of pollutants emitted by warm engines are not a problem for VM, the measurement techniques used by American authorities are tougher and more realistic than European methods. The result was apparently a surprise to VM, which has supplied engines for European Jeep and Chrysler vehicles for decades, and it has taken a long time to get certification. The Jeep diesel was reportedly only approved in October 2013.

VM’s production capabilities may also have been an issue; the company is not geared for American Ram and Jeep volumes. The company is expanding their facilities to meet new demand, and some believe that, if the engines are popular enough, that VM’s parent Fiat might build them using their under-used Italian plants.

The good news is that the pickups are coming, and that they have received nearly universal acclaim from critics.

This corresponds to what a Ram rep told me: ordering opens in December followed by production in January but only for certain models at first.
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