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I've got a squeal/squeak that kicks in only when towing (cuz the RPM's are consistently higher...?) and I'm thinking it's the idler above the A/C compressor. I don't mind doing the job but from my understanding it's a pain getting the cover off to get to the pulleys, etc.


My truck had a squeal/squeak, maybe more of a groan, that is now gone since replacing the idler pulleys. I would guess it originated from the pulley that siezed and melted. The other pulley still turned freely but is a bit noisy. The new pulleys were made in Canada. 🇨🇦
Getting the cover off isn't that bad if you have a lift or ramps to get the front end up a little. The only thing that really sucked about the job for me was having to do it in the street in front of my house in the 102F Texas summer afternoon.
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