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LED foglight / lightbar help

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A while back I swapped out my stock bumper with fog lights with an after market bumper that had four 3" LED fog lights. I just cut the wires to the stock fog lights and wired in the after market lights. All was fine.

Fast forward.

I now added a LED light bar to the bumper, I also wired the light bar in with the 3" LED's and now the lights do not work.

I suspect that all of the lights together are drawing too much power and the "magic" of the truck will not let them on.

As a recap, the 3" lights work alone, the light bar works alone, but combined they do not.

Is there a way around this short of wiring in a new switch and light circuit? I'd really like to just push the head light button and have them all come on.

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You could try using the 12-volt power from one of the fog lights to operate a relay to provide 12-volts to all the lights. I don't know if the low current draw to power the relay would cause the stock light monitoring system to cry foul. This is where trial and error comes in.
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+1 on what Bill said. If its drawing too much current you'll need to put a relay in the circuit.
You may be able to wire the fog lights as you did and tap off of the hot side to run the relay.
That way the truck would still "see" the two fog lights so it doesn't tell you that there is a light out and hopefully the relay won't pull to much current.
That's a very good idea - better than mine.
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