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Lighting Upgrade

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Hey everyone. I know this topic in general is fairly well discussed, so I wanted to ask some questions that hopefully are a bit more focused than "what should I get?". Here's the 3 things I'm looking to do:

  • I just replaced the license plate and reverse light bulbs with some Sylvania Zevo LEDs. I love the look and brightness, but I get the infamous "bulb out" messages. Are there any LEDs on the market that do not require getting a resistor pack?
  • If I do have to get a resistor pack, are there better ones than the Sylvania ones? Plug-and-play maybe?
  • I upgraded the fog lamps with ZEVO LEDs as well. I love the extra brightness as well the color (6k). I'm looking to upgrade the low and high beams as well (projector lamps). I've seen a lot of debate around which LED bulb to get, as well as some liking the zXe bulbs. I'd prefer the LEDs myself so I'm not having to constantly replace the bulbs. Are there any that do not trigger the "bulb out" message? I've seen good reviews around the GTR(?) LEDs, HR LEDs and the Hikari LEDs. Any one better than the other?

Thanks as always!!
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The best way to get rid of the bulb out message is to use AlfaOBD. You can change the setting on the lights to accept the LED bulbs. Do some searching on it and you will be surprised what can be done. You also might ask to see if there is someone close that can change the settings. The dealer can do that too.
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