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If people could answer the following questions it would be very helpful!

I am sure this has been a topic once or twice already, but wanted to see what people have gone with here on the forum with their new ED. I didnt purchase it at the dealership because I wanted to do more research and wanted to know if there are owners who bought i wanted to know why, so here are the questions that I have:

1) - So you can purchase either the Max Care which covers 5000+ components or the Added Care which covers 800+ components? and its either or right? you don't need to purchase both?

2) - How long is the period of either of these extended coverage warranties (if that is what they are called)? From the website it seems it begins the day you bought the truck.

3) - The factory included warranty is 3 years COMPLETE coverage and the powertrain/drivetrain warranty is until 100,000 miles or 5 years whichever comes first? this is correct right?

this is where i start getting confused:

4) - Follow up to Q3, so then this means the extended care packages will extend the years covered to 5 years complete? and 7 years powertrain?
--------------If not can someone please explain it?

5) - explain what lifetime warranty or coverage is that new first time owners can purchase for their truck? and what exactly is this and what does it cover? (more details the better, links and references good too)

6) - Based on comparing the two Max Mopar Care and the Added Care, the Added Care covers the basic major components that usually break down minus a few extras that dont cost much to replace anyway. Is this the option to go? I dont see the need of replacing door props, coil springs, sway bars, because those things last forever... I feel it was just added into the package to up the price... in the event it ever does break.

7) - For those WHO HAVE purchased an extended care packaged, which one? and have you had an experience of using it already? and how is the process?
----------------I know you have to pay up front first after it has been approved by FCA to do repairs, but how is the reimbursement process (personally?)? was the repayment time long? short? a hassle?

8) Overall, do you find it worth purchasing? I plan to own this truck for a very long time: estimated time is 9-10 years in my mind or longer (depends if my income changes ;) ).

9) - For those who have purchased it, How much did you pay for the respective coverage? is there a way to get it down cheaper? I got a discount coupon mailed to me for 150$ less before 12,000 miles or 12 months hit to purchase a coverage plan.

Much help is appreciated and if you could copy and past the questions in your replies it would be helpful and very organized. This could also help those who are also considering this option:

links to the respective care packages:
Mopar Max Care - http://www.dodge.com/en/service_contracts/maximum_care/
Added Care -

if this becomes helpful to others, mods feel free to make it a sticky

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1. You purchase one or the other.
2.Yes. Either warrantee starts when you bought the truck. The extended care essentially extends the basic warrantee that goes to 36K. The Max Care is bumper to bumper with the exception of expendables like brake pads and wiper blades. It covers just about everything else including shocks u-joints and front end parts. I won't cover fuel system parts due to bad fuel. One HPFP would pay for the warrantee and then some.
3. Correct.
4. Extended care gives you a total duration/mileage covered based on your selection of coverage with a start date of purchase date and odometer of "0".
5.No lifetime for ED.
6. Descriptions of both already explained. Max care is the most popular on the forum. Its a good dollar value when purchased from Rodney at Chrysler Extended Warranty | Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep extended maintenance plans
8/120 Maxcare is $2060 to forum members. Its a no brainer. They even setup payment plans. Don't give your dealer $4800. like most want for the same warrantee. This is a no kidding factory warrantee paid direct to any servicing dealer.
7. You will show up on the dealer computers as having this warrantee and you will be responsible for a $100. deductible. The rest is handled between the dealer and Chrysler.
8. Yes, if you plan on keeping the truck for the term of the contract. And I'm not one for extended warrantees, but diesels get scary expensive quick.
9.Again. 8/120 is $2060 for forum members. Ask for Rodney at Chryslerwarrentydirect.com. He is an authorized Chrysler dealer. This website will go into detail on what we've talked about. It has a rate chart and plan details.

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Is it $2060 + $150 surcharge?
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