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I am brand new to the site, I live about 25 miles North of Pittsburgh Pa, in Mars, (I am the Mayor of Mars)

I have been looking/ waiting for the little 3.0 VM A630 for a while. Then reading Cummins is putting the 5.0 V8 in the Nissan Titan, and talking to a Cummins executive, I almost convinced myself the Cummins was the way to go.

I had a 2008 Chevy LTZ, Duramax, great truck, and a 2006 Ram spiced up, with the 5.9. Both trucks were very very good, the 5.9 pulled harder, but the Duramax was a family favorite. I suppose if I could put the 2006 5.9 in a GM or Ford chassis, with an Allison Transmission, that would be a good rig..

Both trucks were very good, I probably should have kept the Duramax, I sold the Ram to my nephew who wanted the 2006 to modify (modify more than I had already).with no pollution stuff on the motor, the 2006 was a desirable year.

I like the capability, toughness of the 3/4 ton, but we decided not to get the big camper, so we really did not need a 3/4 ton.

I would be towing my brother's boat, at about 3200 pounds, and I understand many vehicles of lighter duty will tow that weight, but I want a truck.

The Cummins is reported to be very strong, and I rationalized it this way, the Cummins approaches 3/4 ton diesel motor performance of 6-8-10 years ago. So the Cummins / Titan will be a runner, but do I need that much motor?

My family has a trucking business, and owned probably 8 or 10 of the Sprinter vans, with small diesel motors, and those motors worked pretty good. So the Ram with the VM 3.0 Ecodiesel I would expect would perform about the same as the sprinter vans...

Since I am not towing over 8000 pounds, and the trailer will wait until retirement in 8-9 years, this Ram with the little 3.0 may just fit the bill.

What do you all think? I have exchanged e mails with Ram, with Cummins, with Diesel Power, .... I don't really want to pay $55,000 for a new half ton, but looks like the Ram could be a good blend of economy, and utility, good for towing the boat, hunting, fishing, and with the economy, could even commute in it.

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Since I know the Mars area a bit - Allegheny Valley Vintage Motorcycle Meet for years and a grad. of Slippery Rock - I will add comments.

Have owned my Cummins for over 10 years. Great motor in my 2500 and it WILL tow big, easily. Before that I had a Duramax (crap) and the old 1500 Chevy diesel (6.2?). That Chevy was a good truck for over 150K miles with that diesel but as a 1/2 ton it did NOT tow like the Duramax or the Cummins I have now.

I would NEVER consider the Jap truck no matter what motor they put in it. I just can't forget Pearl and all the other Jap atrocities they did to us and will not support them to the detriment of America.

This new Ram 1500 with the Italian engine should work to 7K towing or so. At least I hope so because I'm getting one.

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