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Hello fellow eco owners. I have a 2019 Eco 4X4 tradesman with 36 k miles. I did have a problem with the truck requiring 5 different trips to my dealer for engine light issues. After replacing & purging parts of the emission system, they claim it was bad DEF. The last time in they cleaned out the DEF system and it has not been a problem since. Because of this I only have the dealer fill the DEF fluid so they can not blame me for bad DEF. I have had no more issues. Truck Runs great

I really like the truck (except the dead pedal when cold). . We tow a 27 foot Lance trailer with it. I do wish it was a 3/4 ton but it's mileage is great. I also use the truck as a daily driver.

I got an incredible lease deal on the truck and now its ending. Question is do i keep the truck or sell it ? With the diesel market changing (especially in California) and diesel fuel higher than premium gas. I owe 22 k , trade in is like 27k, private party is 27 to 29 k , dealers are at 30 to 34k.

Any comments or
advise would be appreciated.

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Hey there,

Welcome to the forum! If you ever need any help or have any questions, please feel free to DM us!

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