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Official 2020+ EcoDiesel UOA Reports

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This will be a place to post UOA results for the 3rd gen engine. When posting UOAs, be sure that all the critical information is available such as miles on sample, the oil, oil filter, driving conditions, dates, etc.
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OhioTech sent me the following UOA report.

Oil: RedLine
Lube Time: 9,790 miles
Miles on Truck: 10,352 miles


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Here's Amsoil EFM 5w40 FS Synthetic European Motor Oil VOA (Virgin Oil Analysis; aka unused oil fresh from the jug to use as a baseline reference):
I can't wait to see the UOA results!
Here's my factory fill UOA. These are mostly highway miles and easy driving.


Here's the second UOA, but first sample using Pennzoil Platinum Euro. The mileage on the second UOA was 95% towing.


To me these numbers look pretty good compared to the Amsoil and Motul samples I've seen.
Keep in mind, these are low mileage samples:
Sample #1 (4,133 miles with factory fill, unknown oil)
Sample #2 (3,551 miles with Pennzoil Platinum Euro)
Why the short oil change intervals?
I'm allowing for engine break-in and testing the Pennzoil Platinum for its durability and engine protection. I've got another sample that will be mailed out on Monday.
I don't like these aluminum numbers. FYI, these are mostly towing miles.


This pennzoil?
Yup, the first two reports looked pretty good. I didn't expect aluminum to go up on the third analysis. I don't blame the oil, though. After seeing a lot of UOA reports, the aluminum is higher on these engines. I would like to know why.
I'll be switching to T6 once I use up the Pennzoil Platinum stockpile.
Why T6 if you don't mind?
Instead of running two oils, it's easier to stock one. Here's what my shelf looked like a month ago.

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They've had the sample since November 30. I have no idea why it takes so many weeks to process it, unless they're just super busy. Hopefully any day now....
I don't know who you're using for your analysis, but I would switch to Oil Analyzers. Their labs are super quick.
Just to be clear, you're going to run the T6 in your 2020 3rd Gen?
That's correct. I'll be running Rotella T6 in my 2015 and 2020 EcoDiesel trucks. In theory, Amsoil has a lower NOACK than Rotella, but I'm not sure if it really matters in the scheme of things. There are a dozen things that take out these engines and oil (regardless of what is being used) doesn't appear to be one of them. For that reason, I want to simplify my life by having one oil for both trucks.
What is everyone’s opinion on my oil analysis with aluminum being 18. All easy highway miles for the whole life of the truck. I use it basically as a car. Maybe the Valvoline Euro was not up to snuff. I’ll get another test done with the Motul. I’ll be curious to see if there is any difference.
Your sample looks on par with others. Switching to Motul probably won't make any difference as most oil reports looks very similar regardless of oil being used. I know one person who ran Rotella T6 and saw aluminum at 9ppm at 4,500 miles. Additionally, I'll leave you with what GDE told me:

"High aluminum in the oil I’d think would be from a piston scuffing the cylinder walls. These engines have low-tension piston rings which reduce a little bit the friction (effort needed to push/pull it in the cylinder bore) but leads to degraded oil film management on the bore surface. There should have been an anti-scuff coating on the piston skirts like on the Gen2 engine but maybe the piston is getting fore-aft loaded in the bore where there is no coating." - GDE
Ok thanks Bio. I guess time will tell how these engines will hold up. Really the only thing to do is to keep up with oil test to monitor the aluminum content in the oil.
There are a few 2020+ EcoDiesels at or nearing 100,000 miles, but unfortunately, those people are not active on this forum. I'm hoping for 300,000 miles from my 2020. ;)
Blackstone seems to think it’s leaching from one of the coolers…
Interesting. I wonder how they came to that conclusion.
As to the thin sample - I strongly suspect it sheared out in this case. That oil is NOT shear stable.
Which oil are you referring to?
Factory filled Pennzoil Plat. Euro 5w 40.
We don't know for sure what the factory fill is. Based on the additive metals, I don't think it's Pennzoil Platinum 5W-40.
I could see that. The dealers are full of mixed information so I take their advice with a grain of salt. The service manager told me the factory fill was Pennzoil since they are contracted with them. He said the mopar bottles are Pennzoil but I guess VM motori could put what ever they want in there. So maybe they come with their flavor. Makes no sense to use inferior oil in their own mega buck power plant. Maybe their flavor isn’t suited for us crazy Americans and our extreme uses.
It's true that Mopar bottles for the Gen III engine is Pennzoil Platinum. The same situation is true for the 2014 - 2019 EcoDiesel engine. Mopar 68001332PC is Rotella T6 in a Rotella T6 bottle.

Our engines are shipped from Italy with the factory fill in them. I'm sure that VM Motori is using an oil from a bulk source (55-gallon drum). I would be surprised if Pennzoil Platinum is used at the Cento plant in Ferrara, Italy.
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I have an issue with oil consumption, too. I'm planning to switch to Amsoil as soon as I use up the rest of the Pennzoil. I've noticed that oil consumption isn't an issue under normal driving, but I see it when towing. I've attached my UOA for your viewing pleasure. And unlike @mat_haas, I will at least post a few pictures. ;)


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