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Oil Analysis Lab Test Results

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We know you have posted your results elsewhere in the Forum. Now there is one place to look for oil analysis and related commentary. Encourage you repost results if you want, all new test results here please. Thanks.:)
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Just did my 1st oil change.

11790 km or 7326 miles, oil life indicator 8%
309 total hours, 280 driving.
The average speed of 42 KPH or 26 MPH.

I think the iron and silicon level is the highest of any I have seen. The report says don't worry but I sure don't like it!
My silicone levels have been out of control ever since I got a new turbo installed. Definitely have a good look at your entire intake system make sure the filter looks good all the clamps are tight etc. Text Line Font Parallel Design
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Don't tow much.
I've averaged 40mph over the life of the vehicle.
I get better results with T6 than the Pennzoil.
I use those cheap eBay filters every 10,000 miles.
I'll probably go 25K mi. On my next interval.
Why does your first oil analysis look horrible with no tbn test done, then magically everything changes? T6 was proven to drop viscosity in the cj-4 spec so I find your oil analysis very suspicious.
Well had the truck back to stock for a month and got the recall done now I have fuel dilution at 1.8%. Hopefully its just from excessive regens.

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Brokendownbutgood , your analisys sheet says filter : " Fullflow 0 micron " ,
what kind of filter are you using , ( only if you want to share ) ??

stock tune for just a month , and fuel dillution ,
imagine constant stock tune , I prefer pure oil to lube the main bearings ,
not some strange oil/fuel recipe .
Hourra for the GDE Hot Tune .
Not sure why it says that for the oil filter but I have two full flow filters in the stock location im running a mahle 1145 and my extra full flow is a amsoil ea026. Should note during that month there was quite a few regens and short trips. I'm changing the oil and both filters cause I dont like diluted oil I well retest in a couple thousand just to verify everything is good.
Well my Amsoil is getting tired at 15k probably going to change it around 17k and go to an older designed oil since im running mexico emissions, wear metals still look great though.
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Help me understand why you say it is tired. The additive levels look fine and the silicon levels are not out of line given the significantly higher mileage than previous changes. Base number seems good for a while yet. Seems to me a different oil is unlikely to affect silicon. Presume you have looked at the air filter and the mice haven't eaten off the pleats like they did on mine in its early life.

Also I don't understand what 'mexican emissions' means and why an older formulation oil is suitable. I guess you are saying you have nothing to contaminate with heavy metals and ash so why not have an oil with more of them?
The tbn is at 2.7 which is why I say the oil is tired, if the tbn gets to low the oil well become acidic. The silicon levels well thats been an on going battle ever since I got my turbo replaced. The mexico emissions statement just means the truck is tuned and has most of the emissions equipment removed.

The older formulation statement is because I dont need an oil focused on keeping the doc,dpf,egr, scr, etc happy and instead worry about its orginal purpose engine protection.
The tbn of Amsoil deo starts at 10.1 they do have a premium protection oil that starts with a 12 tbn for older none dpf equipped engines.
Personally I cant justify buying a tbn booster for over $30 just to by some time But if everything else tests perfect then maybe. Im just going to change the oil but im still figuring out what oil im going to use this time. It should also be noted ive been trying different fuel additives including 2 stroke of various amounts which might have caused the tbn get depleted quicker than normal as well.
For the money and UOA of 4 different oils Delo 5w40 is my first choice vs Amsoil 0w40. T6 is fine however at my Walmart Delo 10qt is $49. UOA vs T6 superior but statistically insignificant.

Really want to run the Valvoline Blue and get a UOA however solving my curiosity is not worth the extra $25 for the oil...LmAo.
I dont shop at walmart so it doesnt matter what oil costs there lol. But I do get valvoline for a big discount so I might try that this go. Probably going to step up to 15W-40 as well just to see how it effects oil pressure.
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Are those King bearings available for our trucks? I am getting them if they are.

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The main bearings are ready last I heard there still working on rod bearings.
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Thank you guys! I think our failures mostly start at the rod bearings. Right?

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Slightly lower mains feed rods.
Well my test run with 15W-40 valvoline premium blue came back great but I cut the run short at 7300 miles. Sample 15 is the valvoline the rest are amsoil 5W-40.
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Sample 12,13,14 are the same run of Amsoil 5W-40 synthetic DEO. Sample 15 is Valvoline 15W-40 premium blue none synthetic. Sample 16 is 5W-30 Amsoil series 3000 full synthetic. Sample 16 was taken cold which I normally never do.


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15 looks like the winner....how long of a run?
There was 7300 miles on that ran
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Well, thanks again for the suggestion. I'm happy to have smart people that know way more than me to lean on.

I changed the oil this afternoon. I filled up with Mobil Synergy diesel and added the Amsoil injector cleaner. I should have read the instructions before I ordered the Amsoil injector cleaner because it calls for TWO bottles for clean up and one for routine maintenance.

Hopefully it is B and can be fixed with fuel additive and not a more costly situation like needing new injectors or a broken ring or something like that. I don't know what you mean when you say cylinder/injector offsets. What is that exactly?

I'm going to start a new thread about this fuel dilution thing because I think it warrants its own thread.
Another option would be to pull the injectors and send them off to get tested. Broken rings would cause high crankcase pressure and likely a P04DB code. S&S diesel motorsports charges around $60 per injector to test them.
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Thanks for the suggestion. Do/can they also clean them if they fail or must they be replaced?
It depends they can clean or repair them to some extent but thats for them to decide. There not that bad to replace all six new cost about a grand, parts only.
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