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Oil Analysis Lab Test Results

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We know you have posted your results elsewhere in the Forum. Now there is one place to look for oil analysis and related commentary. Encourage you repost results if you want, all new test results here please. Thanks.:)
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Well my report is bigger than your report!!! :rolleyes:
Rotella T6 5W40 all miles. Pulled travel trailer about half the time (7000lbs). Mostly highway speeds.
Love the report.


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If your under a MoPar warranty, as I was, when I showed the dealership and the MoPar rep. my Blackstone report over the past 70K miles, every 10K miles, they ask no more questions and replaced the engine.
Not saying Blackstone is any better, or worse, than another company, but certainly having that report made the engine replacement process a no brainer.

Just my $5 ($0.2 cents is so last year)!
Not sure if it has much value at this point, but attached is the final oil analysis on my engine that blew up. Took this sample just 300 miles prior to the engine being declared toast.

It is interesting to note that the EGR was replaced, per the recall, just 1300 miles prior to the engine blowing up. Fate or coincidence who knows. It just is.


1 - 3 of 816 Posts