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Oil Analysis Lab Test Results

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We know you have posted your results elsewhere in the Forum. Now there is one place to look for oil analysis and related commentary. Encourage you repost results if you want, all new test results here please. Thanks.:)
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2nd UOA at 14,818. 8,978 miles on the oil.

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Interesting findings Howie. Thanks for sharing. I thought oxidation came from vehicles that sat without use. I guess I should read some more.

I would be willing to bet the factory fill is probably Shell Helix Ultra ECT 5W-30 or Shell Helix Ultra Professional AG 5W-30. That is, if it is filled and shipped full of oil at the factory in Cento, Italy.

Since Shell brands their oil as Pennzoil in the US, I'm sure the formula is similar.
I looked on BITOG for a VOA of the Penn Ultra Euro L 5W-30, but couldn't find one. I have a half quart left from the first oil change. I might send it off to Blackstone for a VOA if they haven't already ran a sample of it.
I just got off the phone with Alex at Blackstone labs. His opinion on the two samples that I've sent in was that the factory fill was not the same oil as the second sample that I KNOW was Pennzoil Ultra Euro L 5W-30. They do have a VOA of Pennzoil Ultra Euro L 5W-30 for reference.
This is disturbing - what oil are they putting in these engines if it's NOT Pennzoil Ultra Euro L 5W-30? There was but one or two oils in the U.S. That were approved when the 2014 engines were installed in our trucks! Does the dealer add oil once the receive the vehicle from the factory?
I don't think it is disturbing, just different oil. They start them up and drive them off the assembly line so they have oil in them then. Going by what DJ-Gregg says, they would be filled at the engine factory in Cento, Italy. From what I can gather Fiat has some type of relationship with Petronas for lubricants. It may be that they are filled with Petronas Selenia Multipower C3. That is the oil specified for the Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 3.0l VM Motori diesel in Italy.
FL SELENIA - Fluids and Lubricants
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Does the Italian Jeep have the SCR and DPF that we have?
Yes. The Euro 4 has been in place since 2005. I think that is when they started with DPF in Europe. Euro 5a for diesel started in 2009, then 5b in 2011, so the SCR and AdBlue DEF started around that time. They are now on Euro 6.
Next time you talk to them it would be interesting to ask them his view of the usefulness of the oxidation test and why they choose not to include it intheir standard package. Good to hear that they and Oil Analyzers both think the factory fill is different from the Ultra Euro L. At least we are getting consistent info. It could be a different oil completely as you have suggested or I suppose it could be Euro L with an additional breakin additive which could be why FCA does not recommend a first early oil change. Just my speculation but logically could hang together.
I did ask him about the oxidation test. He told me that the oxidation is a part of the "insolubles %". He said that a number over 0.5% was high. Blackstone performs the test differently.
Now I have learned something new. I never heard of that oil here in the states, but it makes perfect sense as to why there is different oil from the factory. How did you learn of this? It would be great to get a baseline sample from that oil company & have it analyzed to see if it matches...
Purely speculation on my part based on nothing more than internet research.

I did live in Italy from 1990-1992, and I've been married to an Italian girl for 23 years, if that counts for anything. :)
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Blackstone said the same thing about fuel content in my oil. I don't let it idle much & I pulled my sample hot also...
It is also possible to have some additional fuel dilution if the sample was taken during a DPF REGEN or immediately following.
From the OM

NOTE: It is possible for your oil level to be slightly higher than a previous check. This would be due to diesel fuel that may temporarily be in the crankcase due to operation of the diesel particulate filter regeneration strategy. This fuel will evaporate out under normal operation.

Probably not there from idling.
Third sample of Pennzoil Euro L 5W30

My third sample at 27,000 miles. All seems to be good.
View attachment 14 1500-081715.pdf
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Yes, except for a a short while when the dealer ran out of the Pennzoil and had to use Rotella T6. I had the Rotella T6 in there for about 2,600 miles.
Magnesium is used in the additive pack. It is a detergent/dispersant.

I think the higher numbers for mag and moly may be some residuals from the Rotella T6. Either that, or SOPUS changed the additive pack in the Pennzoil when they changed it from Ultra to Platinum Euro L.

I guess I'll have a better idea on the next sample as it has the Ultra Euro L in it that I got from Amazon this past winter.

Here is Blackstone's explanation of things.
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For a point of reference, this is the latest oil analysis done on the GDE development truck. Ten thousand miles completely on the tune running Shell Rotella T6. We run this oil because it is cost affordable and perfectly safe to use on diesel engines with DPF. Fuel dilution is very low thanks to in-frequent regenerations.

View attachment 9617

Touching on some of the other questions above in the thread (despite their age), the engines are all shipped full of oil when departing the Cento assembly plant. The last we knew they use an oil from Q8 for the fill after hot test before shipping.
Thanks for sharing the results with T6.

I would really like to use a Heavy Duty Engine Oil, such as Shell Rotella T6 or Mobil Delvac, but the specific requirement in the owner's manual, and the fact that there are a few blown engines reported, make me think the 5W30 ACEA-C3/MS-11106 is really the only option for me until the warranty is up.

Q8 oil you say? I never would have guessed that, but it is a very common brand in Italy. Thanks for sharing this little nugget of information.
There are PLENTY of oil argue threads to post on.
Here is one to read and post your thoughts on-
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Anyone have a UOA of Mobil 1 ESP 5W30?
Why all the hate for Pennzoil and love for Shell? It is the same company after all.
Would you feel better about it if it was Shell Rotella Euro?
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It is all marketing and nothing more. Just remember, when you see Pennzoil or Quaker State, it is Shell.

I do agree that Pennzoil has not always been such a great product, but that was decades ago.
And, I don't think $6.60/qt is a bad price at all.
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