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Oil Analysis Lab Test Results

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We know you have posted your results elsewhere in the Forum. Now there is one place to look for oil analysis and related commentary. Encourage you repost results if you want, all new test results here please. Thanks.:)
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I pulled the very first oil sample on the 2015 EcoDiesel. I was very happy with the results. There's only 5,368 miles on the engine oil, but the oil spent 8 months in the engine. That's a lot of idle time, cold starts, daily short commutes, and some towing. The T6 lost approximately 50% of its TBN capacity as it dropped from 10.6 to 4.91, which isn't a surprise. T6 uses a softer base oil which doesn't hold up to oxidation like a better-quality oil, but it still protected the engine for this type of interval.


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Coincidentally my 130,000 mile Blackstone UOA showed up a few minutes ago... I know some of my info still on it, no sweat. Last time I did a TBN it was 5.1 at 10,000 mile interval , btw with T6.
Thanks for posting. 5.1 TBN is good for 10,000 miles. You must do a lot of highway driving?
@biodiesel , I'm in rural Maine so no short trips, but very little high speed highway, mostly 45-55 mph and a fair bit of heavy towing. I never see really high oil temps. Use winter front from October to April. Just took it off. I'm pretty anal about oil changing and testing, but for me the T6 seems perfect. Kinda like Scotch, the $100+ a bottle single malt is really great, but I can find one for less that is just as good...
Based on what I'm seeing, T6 is protecting your engine under your driving/environmental conditions. In your most recent oil analysis, the viscosity shows the oil dipped into the 5W-30 range. The cST should be greater than 12.5 and your report shows 12.2. Blackstone said the values should be between 11.9 - 15.3, so you're technically still okay.
First thing that I saw! Blackstone seems ok with it, so... Here is a test that was posted on the Ford 3l PS forum. Just for a comparison 5w30 Ford spec oil.
Blackstone knows that a thick 5W-30 still offers protection, but the oil has fallen out of spec. At 10,000 miles, you're running a 5W-30 oil. I wish Blackstone reported TBN and Oxidation values. My T6 cST was 13.4 and my TBN was 4.91 at my interval. Oil usually thickens as it ages, but sometimes fuel dilution thins it out. We'll see what your next report shows.

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Not sure what is up with fuel dilution, but I hope the next sample is better.
Are you using a fuel additive on a frequent basis?
I do know the "new" program from Gr&&n Di&s&l regens more often than the original version.
The GDE EPA Compliant Tune actually regens less than the factory tune. Factory tuning doesn't display every regen whereas the GDE tune (with regen display monitoring) allows you to see every regen.
It's possible that you have a dirty/sticky injector which could cause poor fuel atomization or the injector to leak. Run a full bottle of Diesel Extreme to see if it resolves the issue.

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@Top, your oil report says it was taken May of 2021 with 97,000 miles on the odometer. Is that an error?
@Top, did you run Diesel Extreme?
Does a good job of showing an injector failure/dilution concern that will soon be a bearing failure though!
I've been making the same argument for a few years now. I think fuel dilution is a bigger problem than what most of us know. I've read several posts in which the owner smells diesel fuel in their oil, or their oil level is much higher than it should be, or they noticed the dilution when they wiped the dip stick. In all cases, these were observations being made AFTER the engine had failed. None of them monitored their oil via sampling. @Top has taken oil samples, so he might be able to save his engine before doing permanent damage, but in my opinion, he should be sampling more often.
Well, I'm happy to see this.
I would say the fuel additives did their job! No more sticky and/or clogged injectors leaking!
I put 27,500 miles on my last change of Rotella T-6 and OEM filter! Blackstone says I should be good for 30,000 miles this time. Very pleased with my UOA.
Those are very impressive numbers. Are you mostly running empty on the highway?
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Yes biodiesel; I commute 100 miles per day, mostly on the highway.

Dave, I assume your truck is tuned?
GDE since ~75k miles.
Is that EPA approved tune or the pre-EPA tune?
Well I really wanted to post my last oil analysis I mailed in early January but it was apparently the U.S. Post office didn't get it delivered! Dang it, now I gotta wait another year before it is time to change my oil again...:mad:
You must be doing annual oil changes.

I drain oil into a clean container and keep the used oil until the lab has sent my analysis report. I figured if a mishap happens, as in your situation, then I could send another sample.
Tells me they may yet have it but be backlogged as others have mentioned on here. (fingers crossed)
We will see....
I would encourage you to go with Oil Analyzers next time. They are much quicker than Blackstone, plus they provide TBN at no additional cost. Blackstone doesn't have the equipment to be an ISO certified lab.
Not sure if it has much value at this point, but attached is the final oil analysis on my engine that blew up. Took this sample just 300 miles prior to the engine being declared toast.
The oil analysis doesn't look too bad, but it does show coolant getting into the oil. Something major happened in those 300 miles.
The EcoDiesel came factory with the 5W-30 spec, so I don't think viscosity dropping into the upper end of the SAE 30 range is bad. As we look at the major diesel oils (pictured below), they all drop into the SAE 30 range eventually. We've seen EcoDiesel owners running Rotella T6 for 25,000-mile intervals with no issues mentioned on their UOA report, although TBN was very low. I agree with @OhioTech that it is best to change oil when the TBN drops down low and viscosity starts to creep into the SAE 30 range, however, I think people like @OhioTech and myself take a more conservative approach to maintenance. It's quite possible there's still some good life in the engine oil.

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I do my oil changes on a time rather than mileage basis since I don't put that many miles on the truck.
I'm in the same boat. I'm very hard on my truck, which includes a lot of short commutes, towing, and idling. For that reason, I sometimes change oil early based on severe duty conditions. This is my oil change history:

05/09/150,000Factory FillMoparN/A
09/12/164,025T6 5W-40Mopar4,025
12/14/1613,083T6 5W-40Mopar9,058
02/15/1717,802T6 5W-40Mopar4,719
05/26/1724,160T6 5W-40Mopar6,358
08/01/1732,519T6 5W-40Mopar8,359
11/14/1738,718T6 5W-40Mopar6,199
01/19/1845,590T6 5W-40Mopar6,872
06/11/1850,558T6 5W-40Mopar4,968
09/11/1857,203T6 5W-40Mopar6,645
01/11/1965,489T6 5W-40Mopar8,286
06/01/1969,309T6 5W-40Mopar3,820
10/11/1975,419T6 5W-40Mopar6,110
02/07/2081,783T6 5W-40Mopar6,364
07/15/2085,634T6 5W-40Mopar3,851
11/23/2090,674T6 5W-40Mopar5,040
06/03/2195,180T6 5W-40Mopar4,506
02/09/22100,548T6 5W-40Mopar5,368
08/29/22107,0083222,5402,862T6 5W-40Mopar6,460
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The UOA report arrived today. I'm happy to see everything is looking good before we go into towing season.

Unit Time: 112,010 miles
Lube Time: 5,002 miles
Rotella T6 (12 quarts)

Data indicates no abnormal findings. Resample at normal interval. Lubricant and filter change acknowledged.

Wear Metals
TIN: 0

Contaminant Metals

Multi-Source Metals
BORON: 160

Additive Metals
ZINC: 1124

SOOT: <.1
WATER: <.1

Fluid Properties
VISCOSITY 100 *C: 13.0
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