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There are a lot of variables in play every time you take and run an oil sample. It'll never be the exact same twice. I wouldn't worry about any of the numbers on this report. Once you've gotten at least 3 reports, you can begin to make some educated guesses.

If you plan to do UOAs regularly, do it for what you can gain by noticing trends over time. That is far more important than any individual data point(s). Trends point to things changing (or hopefully, not changing).

Or do UOAs because you want to determine exactly how long a given oil can be safely run before changing out. Or to see how a given oil compares to any other. But don't do UOAs in the hope that you're going to be able to divine anything out of one report vs another (besides trends) because you will only lose sleep and spend money, which would likely be better spent on new oil :)
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