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Here's a few photo's of my recently Linex'd bumpers and grill.
Took them off myself and carted them to a Linex shop. They Linexed the front and back of all the parts so the whole thing is "encapsulated" as they say.
Not too many issues. They came off without problem. And they mostly went back on without problem although the Linex does add some thickness and some of the OEM plastic push pin fasteners didn't have enough reach so I had to buy aftermarket fasteners (this was for attaching the lower plastic fairing to the front bumper).
If I had it to do over again, I would have paid more attention to the tabs on the backside of the grill that insert into attachment slots on the vehicle ...I would tape over these tabs so they wouldn't be covered with Linex. --The Linex made the tabs thick enough so that it was tough inserting them into the slots.
In fact, if I did it over I'd note wherever there were attachment pins/slots or other such interfaces and tape them to keep the Linex off. It would have made reinstalling easier.
I opted for the UV resistant Linex.
This shop has experience with Linexing chrome and took a grinder to the chrome before applying the Linex. Said if you don't do that you'll have adherence issues later on.

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Too much!
You had to ask about cost :-(
Before I tell you, let me explain and rationalize how it came to be that I did this.
First thought, "Don't like all the chrome and I like Linex type surfaces that are essentially maintenance free and extremely durable."
Checked around for Linex prices and ....way too expensive. Oscillated back and forth for 5 months between getting it done and "forget it, it's a waste of money".
Then one day under the influence of too much caffeine, thought "no problem just get it done" and searched out a linex shop in a rural area that had better prices. Still a bit high but said "what the heck". Still under the affect of the caffeine, pulled the bumpers and grill off. The next day took it to the "rural" Linex shop. Upon arrival started to get a bunch of caveats ..."doesn't stick as well to chrome", "we can't guarantee our application on chrome". Upon further talk, learned they don't do much Linex on chrome. Was somewhat peeved as they could have told me all this when speaking to me on the phone a couple days prior. So, disgustingly, I put the bumpers back in the borrowed truck and return home.
The next day, call the more expensive Linex shop and quiz them about their application of Linex on chrome. Turns out they frequently do this and are confident in their process. Read their reviews, all look extremely good. So with bumpers already off I thought what the heck just get it done. So to answer you question, front and rear bumpers, $300 each and if you want the additional UV protection (sometimes called Linex Premium) another $100. Yes, that's $400 per bumper! The grill was $250 with the UV Linex. So grand total of $1050! Kind of dumb but that's how it happened. If I knew the price from the beginning, probably wouldn't have done it.
Other cheaper options are:
1) Get yourself some paint-on bedliner of your choice and DIY. I didn't consider this too much because, based on my past experience with applying coatings and paint, I've usually regretted doing it myself. Just didn't get long term good durability out of it due to my lack of expertise and equipment.
2) Use the "Dip Your Car" spray on plasticote. If applied properly it actually can be fairly durable.

Another option is to shop around more. I believe a whole lot of profit was made from my $1050 and if you find the right source they'd be happy to go with less profit.
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