I took these mirrors off my 2015 LoneStar in August 2018 and replaced them with tow mirrors. They have been boxed and stored since then. I believe they have every option available from 2015 except they are not tow mirrors. All functions worked when removed. No scratches and not busted or broken.
Rectangle Wood Gas Tints and shades Font
Fluid Gadget Bottle Tints and shades Rectangle
Leg Comfort Thigh Flooring Floor
Hood Luggage and bags Automotive lighting Bumper Bag
Bumper Automotive exterior Tints and shades Fender Flooring
Automotive lighting Fender Grille Automotive parking light Automotive mirror

They are packaged in the tow mirror packaging and could be shipped on your dime. The box says it is 62x32.5x44.5 cm and 9.9 KGS.