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Has anyone else had problems with their side mirror's not tilting/adjusting in one direction with the power switch? I noticed a couple days ago that my tow mirrors will no longer tilt up and down(in the non-towing position) but will pan left and right. That's on both the passenger and drivers side.

When flipped up into the towing position they will not pan left or right but they will tilt up and down. So one (the same) axis of the adjustment motors isn't working on both side mirrors. The door switch mustn't be broken because it will work in both directions depending on which way the mirror is flipped.

When I try to actuate the non-working axis I can here a quiet but high pitched whine coming from the mirror if I'm right next to it, but it doesn't move. It's obviously getting power but is no longer moving. It's most strange to me that BOTH sides appear to have stopped working at the same time (although not surprisingly out of warranty).

There doesn't appear to be a fuse just for the mirrors so I don't think it's something like that.

It looks like the motor itself in the housing unit is not removable/repairable as there doesn't appear to be any screws attaching it inside, just maybe rivets or something sunk in to the plastic motor supports. So I'd probably have to buy a whole new mirror assembly. I can manually push/adjust it in the direction that is not working and it will stay there just like a regular non-powered mirror.

Has anyone else had this issue? Know of any fixes?

FYI I have a Laramie with the chrome tow mirrors but no power folding.

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It's probably has something to do with the mirror orientation detection and the how the door modules correct for which way the mirrors are positioned. IRC there is a Sales Code that has to be entered in the truck if the tow mirrors are added so they will adjust correctly whether they are flipped or not.
Can someone with the factory tow mirrors see if the mirrors control correctly if just one is flipped up while the other is not?

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Interesting , so when they are horizontal , pushing the UP /Down buttons gives to reaction ,
but when mirrors in vertical position , pushing those same UP/Down buttons will move the Mirrors ,
that pretty much rules out the buttons on the switch .
the little wheels with teeth in the Mirror itself are not turning on one axe , ( 2 little motors in there )
knowing what I know about Chrysler product , wires get cut in door operations , and trunk operations .
seen it in Intreped and Ram 2500 of my own , and many other people losing functions in doors only to find a wire
that just dried up , cracked , and broke , after multiple foldings .
in your case , the weird part is that it does it to both sides , did it start to do it on both sides at the same time ??
if so I would think computer glitch ,
if it is Inside the mirrors , autopsy time , take notes and pictures please ...
last time i took one apart was on an old Mercury Cougar , the principe it the same , two small
electric motor that can spin in both directions . taking apart needs good vision , small Tools ,
sure would be better to attack that already knowing where the parts just fit together pressed in place
and where to apply force not to break anything
when all else fail ( finding broken wire / testing 12 volt getting to mirrors ) ,
the middle of the Mirror is usually " clipped " on a ball type pin , and you have to pull it out of that , the sliding part with teeth will still
be attached somehow , so go gently if you do this. pulling mirror will reveal the workings Inside .


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