This is the last of the Pre-EPA Hot Tune, this served me well and I really enjoyed the extra HP and excellent MPG along with the piece of mind protecting the engine. I do not have ability to update your Vin# and Injector codes but of course that can be easily done with AlphaOBD program there are plenty of threads on this subject on this forum, simply update and plug and play.

Shipping will be added to price but i'm including a new Air Filter for free along with the GDE installation instructions sheet.

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Ram 1500 Ecodiesel Hot Tune, July 2019.

-Oil Pressure Sensing: No
-Off-road Tuning: No
-High Idle: No
-Engine Braking: No
-Regen Message: Yes
-Ram 1500 Axle Ratio: 3.55
-Ram 1500 Model Year: 2015

The injector codes and vin will have to be changed by a program like AlphaOBD. Please confirm this will work for you before purchasing.