I have a Canadian 2015 ram 1500 ecodiesel ECM for sale all stock. Installed a GDE tune in the truck and traded truck in recently with that tune. I Have no use for this one its just collecting dust. You would need to re-flash/update it with VIN and injector code for any other specific truck (lots of info on the forum on how this is done).
I am looking for $300 CAD for it. Won't refuse any offers. Shipping can be arranged.

Also have CFT cac intake tube combo 14-15 only for sale, removed those before trading in. Worked well the whole time, install wasn't that bad. Can't verify improvements because I installed at same time as GDE tune (loved it). Heard turbo a bit more is all I can verify from them.
Link: cftperformance.com/cac-intake-tube-combo-14-15-only/

Looking for $80 CAD, can arrange shipping as well