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Report Problems to NHTSA <safercar.gov>

Just a reference post for anyone interested in taking their complaints to "another" level ;)

I'll preface this post by stating I don't work for NHTSA or Safercar.gov; nor do I have any evidence that submitting a complaint to them will have any impact on a future fix or NHTSA investigation. With that said, by posting your information there you will be publishing your complaint in a location that is publicly and openly searchable by anyone (media, manufacturers, consumers, etc.). I actually use the site to research future vehicles to spot any significant problem areas or recalls/TSBs.

As a point of reference I had a 2011 MINI Cooper S that I had to get rid of (mfg. buy back) due to soo many problems with it. When I went to safercar.gov to look up the vehicle I found over (65) similar complaints to my specific situation. That evidence along with service reports aided in my ability to have the vehicle repurchased. When I did a KEYWORD search (diesel, scr, coolant) on safercar.gov for the 2014-2015 Ram 1500 I only pulled up (4) complaints that contained any of those keywords. Don't know if that means it is not a big problem or if people are not reporting the problems to NHTSA/Safercar?

Again this is just a post for those that may not know how to file a NHTSA COMPLAINT or research their database...it is NOT an accusation that the 3D is problem-free.:)

Here's the link to the site & the physical address <http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/owners/SearchSafetyIssues>

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