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So... the other day I had to fold in the passenger side mirror as the parking spot I was in was pretty tight. Having probably never folded it in before...it was stiff...real stiff... like....crazy stiff. Dry dusty caked on aluminum corrosion came from in the seams.....

Now the mirror is all "floppy" ... well, I'll let the video speak for itself. I took out the puddle light underneath and it was full of corrosion. I"ve added some pics.

So that rusty ring moves when I fold in the mirrors. I looked on the drivers side....and that ring stay stationary when you fold them in....
Has anyone had this issue before? I'm not keen on buying new mirrors.... I currently have some cardboard shoved in a seam so I can still use the mirror.

I haven't seen this issue before... can't find it in a google search or forum search. And I can't seen any kind of parts breakdown for the mirror...just the whole assembly.

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Holy shite....what a corroded mess. I'm afraid to look at mine now.

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this seems like a case of "if you don't use it, you'll lose it". Much like the spare tire winch, no one will lower the spare till they need it, after a few years they have a tendency to "stick" in place. It's odd that it corroded up that bad, probably a victim of living in snow country.

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Hi: Old Iron 1978... Might just be a good case for Krown rust prevention but now I've gotta go check mine. "Wait here and I'll call Rusty."
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