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Stock LED map light replacement.

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My passenger side stock LED map light is messed up. Turns on but it is super weak. I had read in another thread but couldn’t find it just now that they were replaceable. After spending an hour or so totally dismantling the top map light and switch ceiling cluster. I find that they do not appear to be replaceable at all. They are built into an entire plastic molding behind the reflector. Whoever it was that wrote that was probably not referring to my model or was maybe just assuming they replaceable. Just trying to save someone else the hour of painstaking work and possibly breaking a plastic clip or two. If anyone does find a replacement option I’d be thrilled, otherwise don’t waste your time. If they don’t work just use your phone flash light. Lol.


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I've replaced my map lights with LED's and I have the same overhead console as you. The lenses come off and with a slight mod you can replace the lights with aftermarket LED's.

The driver's side lamp is flickering and I have to get in there and replace it. Frankly the job was so easy I don't remember how I did it - seems more difficult jobs stick in my cluttered brain but the easy stuff is leaking out of my skull these days... 🤔

EDIT: I did a search and found the How-To I used when I did the project a couple of years ago...

Ram 1500 Full Console LED Map Light Upgrade

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