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Hello All,

This is another praise post of Steve over at Timber Grove. The quality of the parts he sells and the service he provides are top notch. In this day and age service like this is a lost art. Always answers his phone, is happy to help, or just chat. The parts showed up packed very well and shipped via FedEx. Install of both systems was pretty much straight forward. Took me about three hours total. The only snag I had was I installed the bags bottom first, don't do this, top first is easier.

Few little critiques I have.

AMS Directions are "there" but they refer to a video that has no sound or instructions. Was still able to get it done without any hiccups, but I have long history of working on all sorts of vehicles. This may not be the case for all.

CRM did not come with any directions. These do need to be included. May have saved me 30 min trying to get the bag to sit flush on the upper mount and kept me from installing the bottom first.

Few little tips

Install the bottom mount first for the bags. Do not tighten the bag to the mount yet, do install the bolt loose. Then install the top and tighten it down. Make sure you have a side ratchet as this is a tight squeeze.

You can run your air lines in the frame rails to avoid exhaust heat issues and a million zip ties.
  1. First loop a piece of wire into a whole where you want the airline to come out
  2. Then push the airline into the frame rail where you want it to enter
  3. Next pull the wire out. The airline should have passed through the loop and captured the airline. You may kink the line right there so make sure you have enough excess to cut off the kinked portion

Last bit of advise is for anyone running the factory level CRM kit. When my truck was dialed in and level front to back and side to side, the ride was harsh. Recommendations I have read here and in the notes that accompanied my parts suggest increasing ride height until desired ride quality was achieved. I want my truck level! Upon further inspection my truck was resting on the bump stops causing the harsh ride.You have two options.
  1. You can cut 1.5" off your existing bump stops. This get the axle off the stops and give you back some of your travel.
  2. Or you can go to Belltech and order shorter bump stops for lowered trucks https://www.belltech.com/products.html
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