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To flash or not to flash

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I will be embarking on an 8K+ mile trip towing my travel trailer in the near future. I have an appointment at the dealership for an oil change (3rd one) as I have 25K miles. I will have them replace the air filter as last time they said it was getting dirty. (visually looked ok to me). Will have them replace fuel filter as I am still using original. Truck just had 1st birthday. I am considering getting the tranny flash as I do have the symptoms listed in the tech bulletin and notice the tow/haul is s/b better performance with the flash. My concern is don't fix what is not broken. I have never received any flash updates since I own the truck. Do you think I should leave well enough alone or have them flash me up to date?
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My guess is that they will normally apply any new software updates when you have the truck serviced whether you ask for it or not. Keep in mind that the flashes are intended to improve the drivability and performance of the tuck. In some cases, they widen the thresholds for setting codes. This is all good, but of course there is always the chance of a flash taking a step backward, like Windows 10. :rolleyes:
Been debating myself about having the truck updated..

didn't someone have a "blue screen of death" on their radio :-D
Windows 10 is fine, nothing a couple of tweaks can't fix.
I administer a number of our business computers and have had many problems with the compatibility of our existing applications after the Win 10 upgrade. I have managed to work out most of the problems, but shouldn't have had to. IMO, the Win 10 upgrade(?) should have been transparent. It's just like FCA with our trucks; release them before they work work the bugs out...: I'm tired of being a beta tester for fat corporations. rolleyes:
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