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Updates on cp4

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If I remember correctly from the recall mail, ram was supposed to be getting things started for cp4 pump recall repairs in June. Its may and it is right around the corner. So has anyone heard any news coming from your dealer about this?
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Apparently @RamCares doesn't care,ive tried to be patient but all I got back was just a generic message back, nothing pertaining to anything that I even mentioned to them about the dealership and them trying to charge me for the parts being covered under warranty. I've waited for a response back and still nothing, silence. Im about lose my job over this and no one cares! I've called Ram Care, and warranty services as well as the recall center. No one is willing to help! Been an avid Chrysler fan, now I'm pissed!!!
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We understand that this has been an inconvenience for a lot of customers, we are doing our absolute best on trying to get this issue resolved. We appreciate your understanding on this matter. We will keep everyone affected on this further posted. Thank you

Ram Cares
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