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Vibration when towing

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Issue and I want to see if anybody else is having this problem. When towing my bass boat at highway speeds I have a vibration in the truck. No shaking steering wheel, all is normal there. I am towing a dual axle trailer, tire pressures are tight on spec for truck and trailer. Weight is about 4,500lbs. The truck vibrates so bad at 60-70 plus it makes you think a tire is getting ready to leave the truck. My truck is a 4x4 crew with the short box. My truck I traded didn't have any issues...... Looking for any suggestions, My dealer may or may not be helpful.
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Thanks all, it was the trailer tires. Two need 7 plus oz of weight. I scrapped all of them and got 4 new. No issue now.
Great news! I know you'll sleep better knowing it wasn't the new ride.
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