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Water pump and serpentine belt replacement

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Right now I'm very paranoid about my truck.

I am about to hit 149,000 MI I've had to recalls done at the dealer and I've done nothing but oil and filter changes since I bought the truck at 12,000 miles plus some upgrades that were not necessary but made the truck more enjoyable.
The other day my serpentine belt failed while I was several miles off road on my hunting lease. It's pretty good that it made it that far in my own fault for the failure since I had a belt a water pump and thermostat that I had been neglecting to install for over a year.

I had a small coolant leak which I thought was an o-ring on the back of the water pump it turns out it was a o-ring on the front that I could have changed at any time for less than $4.

It's after a hundred plus mile tow home I got my tools out and dove in to the repair taking me 5 hours including an hour to run to the dealer to get a few more O-rings.

Unfortunately despite everything appearing to go well my leak was so much worse it's not even funny so the next afternoon I get my tools back out and I do the same job in 2 hours now. I test drive and everything looks good.

Jump forward to the next morning where I'm getting up at 4:00 a.m. to start my shift as a firefighter in Houston and I'm driving to work and the coolant temperature goes up. It was right up to 208 at which point I get very uncomfortable since I used to sing it 8 to 10 degrees lower. So I jump out and check and my coolant levels are good and there are no leaks.

I'm driving in with my eyes glued to the temperature and the coolant hovers between 206 and 208 and oil between 208 and 212. Those are both 8 to 10 degrees higher than I'm used to seeing.

If this seems normal to you please chime in because after the fun of it all I'm you know kind of stressed. Did the thermostat temperature change at some point? I could have sworn I saw something about a 200° versus 208° thermostat but of course now that I'm looking for anything like that I can't find it...
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208 F is the correct temp that is the minimum opening point for the thermostat
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Yes, Your numbers are good. For a day or two check "cold" coolant level in case some air get burped from the system.. Not unusual..
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