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which Axle Ratio for EcoDiesel

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What axle ratios do you folks have on your trucks? I was dealing with two dealerships in trying to place a 2014 Longhorn order this past week. Both said that the default axle ratio is 3.21 on their order page. I told them that ratio is for the V6 gas and the diesel is 3.55 with option of 3.92. They both said can't do anything about it. I placed an order with one of them. What do you think I will be getting? What is the true default axle ratio?
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These guys have it right. 3.21 is the std. axle ratio for Rams, but when you chose options, such as ‘upgrading’ the engine you get 3.55 as std.

I’m still debating myself, at first I wanted 3.92s, but and now leaning towards 3.55s. I plan on running 17” LT-34”s with a mild leveling type lift (1” in back, ~2+” in front),however don't want to wreck my fuel mileage too much. (The stock 20’s are ~33.6”)

I feel like If I were lifting ~4”+ or going with ~35”+ tires I’d want the 3.92s. Sometimes I tow light, and haul some mild loads, but who knows what the future will bring. With these Rams even a mild load is a ‘heavy load’, as they don’t have much payload capacity, lol. I don’t want it to be downshifting all the time for hills, but don’t want too high of RPMs when running highway speeds on level ground. I wish I could rent one of these things for a weekend!!
Jeff, yeah, I know the payload rating has nothing to do with gear ratio, I was just taking a stab at Ram for their weak rating compared to the competition….Maybe they’ll read comments like that and up the capacity appropriately:p I'm putting air bags and LT tires on mine, I don't like a truck to squat with a load in the back, even the max rated load would squat too much for me.
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