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Who has a new engine?

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I'm getting a replacement engine and I'm wondering about it. I know a number of people on this forum have put a second engine in so I'd really like to hear from them.

What kind of warranty did they give on the new engine?
Did you consider an additional full coverage MoPar warranty extension for 5/100K miles? If so, why or why not?
Did you keep the truck or decide to trade it?

What things surprised you about the new engine, good or bad?

Thanks for any feedback you may provide.
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My motor was replaced at 116,000 km. I'm now at 233,000 km's. I got 2 years, unlimited km's. Didn't get any additional warranty. The thing that surprised me the most, was to added turbo noise. I had the GDE tune, and was still in-tact after the new engine was installed. I was The EGR cooler was the new one already as well... which was nice....
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